Perach Adom

"'Ώπα ώπα"

The Perach Adom band was established in 2001 by Tomer Katz, a graduate of the Rubin Academy for Music and Dance in Jerusalem. The band has six members – a singer and five instrumentalists, who play only on acoustic instruments. Perach Adom plays authentic Rembetiko music (a genre of Greek music) in a moving manner, singing Hebrew version of the songs as well as original Greek lyrics. The band specializes in the Rembetiko style which evolved in the period between 1880-1950.Following in the path of The well known jewish performer Roza Eskenazi. The name, Perach Adom, means Red Flower in English, symbolizing love (flower) and pain (red). The Hebrew lyrics were written by Tomer Katz in the spirit of the Greek lyrics, and they evoke memories of Rembetiko and the Greek landscape, as well as the Israeli experience.

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