Chris Spheeris

"Eros" (Rain)
Συνθέτης της διασποράς που μας κάνει υπερήφανους με τις δημιουργίες του.
"New age" το είδος μουσικής που υπηρετεί. Το video που παραθέτω μας δίνει μια μικρή γεύση του τρόπου που συνθέτει και ενορχηστρώνει.

Chris Spheeris has been composing and recording soundtracks to a magical life for more than two decades. Spheeris’ music has appeared in TV shows, documentary films, Olympic competitions, miss universe pageants, commercials, NPR radio, satellite and syndicated programs, pop songs, and of course, in the sound systems of millions. Inspired by the popular music of The Beatles, Cat Stevens, James Taylor and Joni Mitchell, Chris developed an early style of song writing and guitar playing that was very much his own. He spent the early years of his musical career as a singer/songwriter and went on to become one of the first “New Age” (as he was then categorized) instrumental artists to be signed to a major label. His signature instrumental recordings, bearing strong influence from his Greek heritage, have earned gold and platinum honors, and a more recent Emmy Award. Chris occasionally tours sharing his vocal songs in intimate venues. While his 12 original CD’s have earned multiple Gold, Platinum and Emmy awards, Spheeris’ rare solo performances showcase his talent as a singer songwriter. Spheeris’ concerts are personal and intimate; his voice warm and vulnerable. Disarmingly candid and lighthearted as well as deeply philosophical, Spheeris takes his audience on a emotional and spiritual journey filled with intimacy, humor and joy.

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