Ry Cooder

"How can a poor man stand such times and live"
...is an American folk song originally recorded on December 4, 1929 in New York City. It was written, composed, and performed by Blind Alfred Reed, accompanying himself on the violin. The song tells of hard times during the Great Depression. It is considered an early example of a protest song,

From "Ry Cooder & The Moula Banda Rhythm Aces: Let's Have A Ball", a film by Les Blank taped at The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA on March 25'th 1987.

Ry Cooder, born in Los Angeles in 1947, is a guitarist, composer and producer, though he gained his world-wide reputation primarily as a Slide-Guitarist.
He played in Captain Beefheart's Magic Band, and has also accompanied such artists as Gordon Lightfoot, the Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Randy Newman, John Lee Hooker and many others.
Although influenced early on by blues, he became a pioneer in resurrecting the traditions of "World Music," a concept that was entirely new at the time. He devoted himself to Country and Folk music, Calypso, Hawaiian music, Gospel, Salsa, Jazz, Ragtime and Vaudeville.
Ry Cooder has composed soundtracks for more than twenty films, among them Wim Wenders' "Paris, Texas", and "The End of Violence."

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